Goodbye Waldo; Hello Transrockies!

Since the beginning of this running season, Waldo 100 km has been on my list of summer races.  The 99% single track trail has drawn me in for years and I think I am finally ready to increase my longest run distance by 12 miles (20km) to make an even 100km.  Also, I’ve heard through the running rumour mill that this may be the final year for this fabulous race.  For a few weeks, I watched the 2011 race edge ever closer to filling up.  Finally, when there were only 8 spaces left in the registration, B and I jumped onto Ultra Signup and registered.  After a dismal spring training season, I began to ramp up my time on feet and miles covered. I had the *fear* in me.  But last week, the goal of Waldo 100 got washed away and a new opportunity showed itself.  And so starts the story of my Transrockies Run.

On Tuesday, B called from work and said that he had just received a cool offer. He had been accepted to represent his sponsor, La Sportiva, at this year’s Transrockies Run, a 6-day stage event in the Colorado Rockies.  The expenses for the week of the race would be covered once he arrived in Buena Vista, CO.  The only catch was that he needed a partner to complete his team of 2.  He was calling to ask if I’d be interested in running it with him.

In the moments that followed his offer, this is the path that my brain took:

-what an opportunity!

-same weekend as Waldo 100 km (boo!)

-a week of camping (yea!)

-119 miles or 190 km of running  (yikes!)

-Colorado (beauty, eh!)

B=fast;  Me=not so fast (tension?, inspiration??)

-alone at Waldo (sniff)

-together at TRR (second honeymoon!)

And so I said “yes!” and kissed my Waldo 2011 goodbye.

Here’s what I have to look forward to:

20 800 ft of elevation gain over the 6 stages

running at altitudes between 7 000 ft and 12 500 ft

run distances of 21 miles, 13 miles, 24 miles, 14 miles, 24 miles and 23 miles respectively

5 nights in a tent-city compound with 498 other runners (200 teams of 2 and 100 solos)

2 hot meals a day and aid stations along the route

and a chance at some of that $20 000 prize money (bwa-ha-ha-ha)

Wish us luck!

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