For a few years now, my mantra has been that rest is a key factor in running well.  I fully believe in taking some time off  during the off-season.  But six months have gone by since I last ran an organized race.  I have taken a significant break from running, but even I think six months seems to be a bit of a long hibernation.

Since realizing this, I have begun to worry about this year’s running plans.  Have I completely lost my fitness base?  How badly will those first long runs hurt?  Will my running clothes still fit?  Are they still in fashion?  🙂

White River '10

Motivated Martha

But then a bigger problem came to light.  Why should I even bother going out for a run?

Motivation to run comes to each of us in different ways.  Some are looking for the challenge of a new course or new distance.  Others may want to improve a PB on a favourite course.  And some simply want to fit into that size 2 bikini.

I had been analyzing my lack of motivation for running when I bumped into a fellow runner-teacher at an educational workshop last week.  She had recently improved her half-marathon time and was now on track to run her first marathon at the beginning of May.  Her eyes lit up as she described her new goal and the training she was doing in preparation.  Her optimism and keenness were truly contagious.  I could almost detect the slightest bit of fear as she spoke.  Then she said something that amazed me.  She said that reading my blog has helped to motivate her.  Wow.  I can’t put into words how motivating that comment has been for me.

Squamish bike trails

Fun times on trails!

Suddenly, I have put running back onto my schedule and I have begun thinking about registering for a race or two this season.   The combination of her excitement about running a new race and her compliment about my blog has made something click for me.  I’m back in my shoes and I’m hungry for some hills.

Thanks Shaista!