About Martha

1) I am a trail runner.

Without really planning it, I became an ultra runner.  In the 90s, I was surrounded by friends who ran amazing distances in exciting places.  Somehow I got caught up in their enthusiasm and joined in the fun.

30 years later, my resume has grown lengthy, giving me a depth of strength and experience to pull me through the toughest challenges. I am not too fast but I’m not slow either.  I sign up for races to stay motivated, but mostly, I simply enjoy time on trails with friends.  In my running life, I am very goal-oriented and a firm believer in the power of rest.Stormy 50 miler

2) I am a grade one teacher.

This came with a lot of planning, schooling and preparation.  It is an exhausting and stressful occupation which often takes over my life and cramps my ability to pursue #1.  But I believe in the good that I do and I think I do it pretty darn well.Halloween!

3) I am a soul-mate.

Bruce and I have been inseparable for more than 30 years.  He is my greatest fan – and I his.  He has opened my eyes up to many a world-wonder and we are as well-matched as a couple can be.

Endlessly pursuing the better life together

4) I am a non-food-mixer.

There are two kinds of people in this world – those who will readily let their foods mix and mingle on their plate, and those who opt for a divided plate whenever available.  I belong to the latter group.