Always Check Your Junk Mail Folder

My wish came true! Three days ago, I found an email message from ‘Amministrazione VDA Trailers’ in my junk folder. Keen on anything Italian, I opened it to find this message:


Good morning.
We are pleased to inform you 
that is available a place to Tor des Géants 2014  and your name is the first on the waiting list.

If you are interested to participate you have to confirm your registration before Thursday 3 April 2014.

The procedure is as follows:

1 – click on the link :

2 – access to your personal form using the code that was sent with the email confirmation of pre-registration

3 – check the accuracy of  yours datas

4 – concluding the payment with credit card

At the end of the process you will receive a confirmation email.

To complete your registration you must submit the “Liability” and the medical certificate.

Best regards

VDA Trailers s.s.d.r.l.

So this is the happy ending to my previous post about The Dreaded Waitlist. But there is more to this story.

The seed of this idea began during a four-day hike/run on the Sunshine Coast Trail with Bruce and Wendy over Thanksgiving weekend last October. One evening beside the campfire, Wendy began to formulate a list of amazing events that she wants to do in the next couple of years. Tor Des Geants came up as a suggestion. As we continued on our way, I considered her infectious sense of adventure and wondered how she could throw around ideas for grandiose events with such ease. She and Bruce spoke so confidently about races and events which I never considered feasible for regular people (like me).

Here is where the idea began - Sunshine Coast Trail 2013
Here is where the idea began – Sunshine Coast Trail 2013

It suddenly struck me that it was her attitude that I admire. She truly believes that she can do anything. That can-do attitude was something I didn’t allow myself. It was what excluded me from considering these adventures as real possibilities. I mulled over these thoughts over those few trail days and I finally recognized that I was holding me back. And, as soon as I admitted there was a problem, I was able to begin addressing it.

For many, many years, Bruce has shown that same drive for adventure and his racing resume proves it. He always has his feelers out, looking for new ways to push his limits and new places to find wild, rugged and untouched, natural beauty. From his days of Ironman triathlons, to ultra distance running , to adventure racing, and on to multi-day events in Canada, US, South Africa and Italy, he sees everything as a possibility. I have been included in these searches for more than 20 years, and he has beckoned me to join in, but I haven’t allowed myself to consider anything more than 50 miles – which I know is a long way. The one time I did join him on the multi-day TransRockies Run in Colorado, I was plagued with altitude sickness and suffered for much of the 6 days and then hung up my running shoes for more than two years. In fact, I haven’t run longer than a half marathon since 2011. But the point is that I have been surrounded with ideas like this for years but have never imagined myself as the participant. That was all about to change.

Here is my inspiration at the 3200 m Col
Here is my inspiration at the 3299 m Col du Loson during TDG 2010.

When I told Bruce in all seriousness that I wanted to run the Tor Des Geants as a way to celebrate our 20th anniversary, his reaction was immediate excitement. He has always thought that I am capable of far more than I take on and he was thrilled at the prospect of having my company on his third voyage to the TDG.

So when we woke up in the middle of the night to register and I soon found myself more than 700 people deep in the waitlist, my disappointment was great. How unfortunate to have finally realized that I can do something like this but to be held back because of a slow computer connection. Would my new-found conviction last for another 12 months?

The TDG trail up to some isolated refugio along the route.
The TDG trail leads up to some isolated refugio along the route. Magnifico!

It has been an eye-opening eight weeks – from that registration night until receiving my invitation to race – and I have thought about little else during my fairly consistent training runs. I am carefully ramping up my speed and distance, keeping in mind that I am only four months beyond my surgery date and that I have a lot to relearn.

But all of that didn’t come to mind as I jumped around the room upon receiving that email. The whoops and hollers that Bruce and I shared over the phone were just the beginning of many in this adventure!

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