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I am feeling a little philosophical as I write this, so please bear with me.

If you had to put it into words, how would you describe who you are? Do you define yourself in terms of family and career? Is your lifestyle worthy of mention? Would you describe your most recent adventures? Would being a runner even enter into it?

For a social media profile, I had this description of myself:

general lover-of-life, including ultra-running, teaching, enjoying craft brews, being outdoors and living simply

I thought it seemed like a fairly accurate glimpse of where I put my energy these days. But, looking back on it, this little blurb concerns me.

There is no mention of the love of my life or my family. It mentions teaching, but in my current state of limbo that is hardly worth mentioning. And ultra-running is something I do, but does it define who I am? If I didn’t do it any more, would it change who I am?

I think that being a runner and a lover of ‘all things outdoors’ is an important part of being me, but it does not define me. There is more to me than my current pursuits. Living without adventure would truly be a hard pill to swallow but it is important to keep all things in perspective. Love, health and the ability to make choices is probably a better way to describe what is truly important to me.

I think my life would be better described as:

Endlessly pursuing the better life together.

Can you put your values into a sentence 10 words or less?

Endlessly pursuing the better life together

Endlessly pursuing the better life together

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