Two Lemonades Coming Right Up

OR 2018 Transpyrenea race has been canceled (part 2)

After the initial shock and temporary bewilderment of the rug being pulled away, Plan B emerged.

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We are heading to Sweden to backpack the 470 km Kungsleden (King’s Trail). Apparently this trail had already piqued B’s interest but it is all new to me. This seems like the perfect excuse to embark on a completely different adventure. It will be a slower pace, a longer time commitment, a joint effort and a spontaneous escapade. A win-win-win-win!

The foot path begins 900 km northwest of Stockholm in the small town of Hemavan, Sweden, and travels pretty well straight north to Abisko, Sweden, coming close to the Norwegian border and ending just short of the Norwegian Sea. We will cross into the Arctic Circle about a third of the way through our trip.

Panoramic view over Rapadalen from summit of Skierfe, Sarek National Park, Lapland, Sweden
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Although we briefly toyed with running the length of the trail, our long holiday from work and the availability of last-minute flights determined that we could be more leisurely in our trek. We are allowing ourselves 21 days on trail which will roughly translate into 25 km per day. The generous time will also allow for various side trip hikes to remote mountain peaks and a time cushion for the multiple lake and river crossings where you are at the whim of vague water taxi schedules.

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Much of our information about this adventure comes from these two blogs: TrekSnappy , DistantNorth and a variety of YouTube videos. The scenery of the high tundra is wild, gorgeous and ever-changing!

Wish us luck as we figure out the logistics and gear.

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