After the Trans-Rockies Run, I lost some of my drive to run.  As you can see, my posts have stopped for 8 months.  A few months after that run, B and I were thrown head-first into a whirlwind as we decided to pack up our city life and move to Vancouver Island.  The move caused our running adventures to sit on the back burner while we figured out jobs, housing and orchestrated the move.

Although running is still a big part of our lives, there has been little to blog about.  In the meantime, I have begun a separate blog to tell the stories of our new semi-rural life.  This blog will start up again when I have running stories to tell.

Until then, please come and visit me at Along A Rural Path



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Along A Path

general lover-of-life, including ultra-running, teaching, enjoying craft brews, being outdoors and living simply

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